Infosys Integrated Annual Report 2021 - 2022

One digital foundation – unified by cloud

Organizations apply data-driven and agile-driven approaches – from predictive systems to AI-driven automation – but mostly sporadically. This leaves so much value lying on the table. When it comes to data guiding processes, only a fraction is often processed due to the limits of legacy technology, challenges of adding more modern digital capabilities, and high computational demands of intensive, real‑time processing jobs.

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While several organizations have successfully adopted a cloud‑first strategy to build new digital capabilities and transform their businesses, the journey to the cloud can be challenging for some.

Dennis Gada SVP – Industry Head Know More

One of the most puzzling challenges of our times is determining changing customer behaviors and trends. And then taking advantage of this to quickly realign business strategies is key to cementing competitive advantage. The challenge is two‑fold – shining a light on insights amid the chaos and multiple sources of data, as also building the performance infrastructure that can pivot on demand to where these insights point.

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Infosys Integrated Annual Report 2021 - 2022

One people culture – powered by lifelong learning

While helping our clients navigate their next, our own ambitious journey to the next in the world of digital, is steered by our employees. Ensuring they are making progress in their career journeys and realizing their aspirations is a key driver of our people practice. To this end, we have engineered Infosys Career Gambit, a comprehensive program to empower our employees with a roadmap for future readiness.

Nandini S. SVP – Group Head – Organization Development Know More

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we approach life and work. At Infosys, technology informs our people strategy through the creation of virtual work arrangements that enable inclusive and flexible work. It also creates the opportunity to work with an organization where diverse talent can participate fully, learn, collaborate and have fun.

Aruna C. Newton AVP – Head – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Know More

The world of work, for all of us, is transformed. Artificial intelligence and software-powered automation, especially over the past decade, have mechanized prior generations of routine work. Some jobs, with automatable predictable steps have been lost, with many others created, and almost all of them will no doubt continue to change with growing digitalization. The pandemic that raged over the past several months accelerated the adoption of digital and dramatically disrupted labor markets driving organizations to reevaluate every aspect of work. At Infosys, we too have adapted and evolved.

Sushanth Tharappan SVP – Head – Leadership Development Know More

Infosys Integrated Annual Report 2021 - 2022

One shared purpose – inspired by our commitment to the larger community

As a responsible corporation, Infosys is striving to drive its business sustainably through focused action, collaboration, advocacy, and thought leadership.

Bose Koorliyil Varghese Head – Green Initiatives Know More

The future is digital. And we at Infosys believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table.
Globally, Infosys and its CSR teams are actively deployed to unleash the talent of every individual to participate in this dynamic digital generation – irrespective of geography or zip code.

Kate Maloney AVP – Senior Principal – Business Consulting Know More

The culture of an organization is the outcome of how its people think and behave in response to internal and external stimuli. These behaviors are guided by the Company’s core values – either nurtured from the very beginning or developed over time. Leaders and managers lean on these values to navigate the path forward, especially during times of change or stress. At Infosys, that code of conduct and backbone for governance is C-LIFE – our acronym for Client Value, Leadership by Example, Integrity and Transparency, Fairness and Excellence

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FY 2022
Business Highlights

Differentiated cloud services and large deal momentum drive. Infosys’ highest annual growth in a decade. Our ESG Vision 2030 and ambitions continue to drive value for all our stakeholders.

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(in ` crore)


21.1% growth Y-o-Y
19.7% CC growth Y-o-Y

Free cash flows
(in ` crore) (1)


3.6% growth Y-o-Y
FCF conversion at 103% of net profit

Total shareholder return


Generated higher returns than market

Operating margin


Robust operating margin

Consolidated cash and investments
(in ` crore) (2)


Continue to maintain strong liquidity position

Basic earnings per share
(par value of ` 5 each)


15.2% growth Y-o-Y

Digital revenues
(as a % of total revenue)


41.2% CC growth Y-o-Y (basis US$)

Return on equity


Improved by 1.7% over the last fiscal

Dividend per share
(in ` )


14.8% growth Y-o-Y

Large deal TCV
(Total contract value in US$ billion


Sustained momentum in large deal wins

Number of US$ 100 million+ clients


Increase of 6 clients Y-o-Y

Women employees


Steady progress towards gender diversity goals

(1) Free cash flow is defined as net cash provided by operating activities less capital expenditure as per the Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows prepared under IFRS.
(2) Comprise cash and cash equivalents, current and non-current investments excluding investments in unquoted equity and preference shares, compulsorily convertible debentures and others

Chairman's message

Winning in the
crucible of our times

Nandan M. Nilekani

We are united by a common purpose – to amplify human potential and create the next opportunity for people, businesses and communities.

Nandan M. Nilekani Chairman

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Chief Executive Officer

Letter to the Shareholder

Salil Parekh

Our One Infosys approach enables all our capabilities and employees to work for the benefit of our clients and support them in their digital transformation agenda.

Salil Parekh Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

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Integrated thinking at Infosys

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Our integrated thought process is engineered to create, sustain and deliver value to all our stakeholders. We achieve this by adhering to a strong set of values and code of conduct, being aware of key developments in the external environment, deploying resources optimally, executing our holistic strategy and continuously monitoring and managing any risks to our business.

Code of conduct and values

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics sets forth our core values, shared responsibilities, global commitments, and promises.

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Informing our thinking

Our operating context

Today’s highly dynamic technology landscape demands that business leaders address the twin imperatives of extending the value of existing investments, and transforming and future‑proofing their organizations in ways that are both disruptive and visionary.

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Resources we deploy to
create value

Financial Capital

Natural Capital

Intellectual Capital

Manufactured Capital

Human Capital

Social and Relationship Capital

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Our strategy

We have embraced a four-pronged strategy to strengthen our relevance with clients and drive accelerated value creation

Scale agile digital

Reskill our people

Energize the core

Expand localization

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Our ESG ambitions

Vision 2030

To shape and share solutions that serve the development of businesses and communities

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Value creation for stakeholders

Being a wealth creator for investor


Constant currency revenue growth


Earnings per share growth


Return on equity

Being a partner to clients

ESG-as-a-Service Bundle, execute and manage a portfolio of ESG-related programs.


Total number of active clients

Being a people Company


Total no. of employees


Women in the workforce

Being a corporate citizen

US$ 60 mn

CSR contribution

4.8 mn+

People enabled through digital talent at scale

Being an environmental steward

Carbon neutral for the third consecutive year


y-o-y reduction

Providing a platform for supplier partners

Responsible supply chain assessment launched in FY 2022


MSME partners

Transparently engaging with governments

“Government Tech Insider” launched before the UK Parliament

Advocating for immigration legislation and regulation in the best interests of the mobility of IT services industry workers into key markets such as the US, UK and Australia.

Value creation model


Financial Capital

` 76,782 cr

Net assets

` 38,660 cr

Consolidated cash and investments

Human Capital


Total no. of employees


Annual average training hours per employee

` 1,384 (1) cr

Investments in employee well-being

Intellectual Capital


Employees trained in digital skills


Innovation Hubs and Living Labs


Industry-leading products, solutions and platforms


Startups in our innovation ecosystem

Social and Relationship Capital

28.61 mn sq. ft.

Highest rated green buildings

` 1,542 cr

Capex spend on tech infrastructure


Climate change solutions

Natural and Manufactured Capital

` 450 cr

Global CSR spends


Total number of active clients


No. of nearshore / tier-2 locations


No. of carbon offset projects

Process and Strategy

Process and Strategy

Go-to-market business units *

Financial Services and Insurance

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Logistics

Communications, Telecom OEM and Media

Energy, Utilities, Resources and Services



Infosys Public Services and other public service enterprises

Others which includes segments of businesses in India, Japan and China


Financial Capital


Constant currency revenue growth


Earnings per share growth


Return on equity

Human Capital


Fresh college graduates hired globally


Women in the workforce (39.6%)

Intellectual Capital


Digital revenues


Constant currency digital revenue growth


Digital leader ratings


Artifacts published by the Infosys Knowledge Institute (IKI)


Reports published by IKI


Patent portfolio

Social and Relationship Capital

4.8 mn

Enabled in digital skills


New client accounts


Employees in nearshore / tier-2 locations


Rural families continue to benefit from our carbon offset projects

Natural and Manufactured Capital


Consecutive year of being carbon neutral across scope 1,2,3 emissions


Reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions over the BAU scenario


Client engagements include climate change solutions


Financial Capital

  • Profitable growth
  • Sustained / long-term cash flow

Human Capital

  • Top employer in 22 countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North America. Top ranking in 16 countries and #1 ranking in India
  • Best-in-class employee experience and learning
  • Safe and inclusive workplaces

Intellectual Capital

  • Diversified portfolio of solutions across industry segments
  • Innovation partner to clients
  • Partner of choice for social and environmental solutions for the community

Social and Relationship Capital

  • Positive impact on the communities in which we operate
  • Trusted partner of choice for all stakeholder groups

Natural and Manufactured Capital

  • Strong advocates of environmental stewardship extending beyond our boundaries
  • Productive, safe and healthy workplaces for employees






Government / Regulators

Other Reports

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Sharing an equitable and sustainable digital future


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Sharing an equitable and sustainable digital future


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Practical Sustainability

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